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Brackets Maker  logo

Brackets Maker

Create Advanced online Brackets & Tournaments With Images, Voting and Predictions

Before & After Slider  logo

Before & After Slider

Captivate Users With Interactive Before & After Images

Comparison Tables  logo

Comparison Tables

Convert Users With Clear, Concise & Responsive Comparison Tables

Instagram Feed  logo

Instagram Feed

Create Stunning Instagram Feeds & Improve User Experience

Pricing Tables  logo

Pricing Tables

Convert Users With Stunning, Detail-Rich & Fully Responsive Pricing Tables

Charts & Graphs  logo

Charts & Graphs

Present Data Effectively & Convert Users With Elegant Charts & Graphs

Contact Form  logo

Contact Form

Improve User Experience & Collect Leads

Image Hotspot  logo

Image Hotspot

Increase Engagement and Conversions With Interactive Image Hotspots

Audio Player  logo

Audio Player

Add Audio Player to Enrich & Promote Your Website Content

Google Reviews  logo

Google Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Amazon Reviews  logo

Amazon Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Image Slider  logo

Image Slider

Enhance Design & Draw Attention to Images

Social Media & RSS Feeds  logo

Social Media & RSS Feeds

Increase Engagements & Social Media Presence With the Feeds Widget

Animated Number Counter  logo

Animated Number Counter

Enhance Sites & User Experience With an Animated Number Counter

Notification Bar  logo

Notification Bar

Notify users, encourage action & greatly improve conversions.

Image Gallery  logo

Image Gallery

Impress Users, Enhance Your Website & Increase Engagement Using an Image Gallery

Logo Slider  logo

Logo Slider

Establish Credibility With a Logo Slider of Clients and Partners

Yelp Reviews  logo

Yelp Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Etsy Reviews  logo

Etsy Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Trustpilot Reviews  logo

Trustpilot Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Coupon Bar  logo

Coupon Bar

Increase Sales by Displaying Discounts & Converting Customers

Tripadvisor Reviews  logo

Tripadvisor Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

eBay Reviews  logo

eBay Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Airbnb Reviews  logo

Airbnb Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Image Carousel  logo

Image Carousel

Enhance Your Website Design & Draw Attention to Stunning Images

App Store Reviews  logo

App Store Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Google Play Reviews  logo

Google Play Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

AliExpress Reviews  logo

AliExpress Reviews

Boost Sales by Enhancing Credibility and Trustworthiness

Sitejabber Reviews  logo

Sitejabber Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Form Builder  logo

Form Builder

Revolutionize form creation effortlessly

Capterra Reviews  logo

Capterra Reviews

Increase Trust & Improve Credibility To Drive Sales Up

Progress Bars  logo

Progress Bars

Showcase Progress in a Beautiful, Animated, Visual Representation

Coupon Popup  logo

Coupon Popup

Draw Attention, Collect Leads & Increase Conversions

Quotes Carousel  logo

Quotes Carousel

Enhance Your Website Visually & Draw Attention to Inspiring Quotes

Video Carousel  logo

Video Carousel

Enhance Your Website Visually & Draw Attention to Stunning Videos

Card Carousel  logo

Card Carousel

Enhance Your Website Visually & Draw Attention to Stunning Card Carousel

Creative Card Carousel  logo

Creative Card Carousel

Enhance Your Website Visually & Draw Attention to Stunning Creative Card

Video Gallery  logo

Video Gallery

Showcase Videos, Enhance Design & Increase Conversions

FAQ  logo


Provide Answers to Common Questions & Improve User Experience With the FAQ Accordion Widget

Progress Circles  logo

Progress Circles

Showcase Progress in a Beautiful, Animated, Visual Representation

3D Cards  logo

3D Cards

Draw Attention to Information, Wow Users & Improve Navigation

Countdown Bar  logo

Countdown Bar

Establish Urgency & Boost Conversions With a Countdown Bar

Flip Cards  logo

Flip Cards

Add interactivity, enhance design & convert more with Flip Cards

Social Votes  logo

Social Votes

Enrich Content & Increase User Engagement With a Social Votes App

Age Verification  logo

Age Verification

Comply With Legal Age Requirements & Protect Your Business

Twitch Feed  logo

Twitch Feed

Create Stunning Twitch Feeds & Improve User Experience

Image Accordion  logo

Image Accordion

Add Beautiful Images, Engage Users & Save Space

Social Media Links  logo

Social Media Links

Increase Engagement & Improve the Promotion of Your Content

Lottie Player  logo

Lottie Player

Add Stunning Visuals to Your Site & Create a Better User Experience

News Ticker  logo

News Ticker

Draw Attention to Important Information & Keep Users Up-to-Date

Event Flip Cards  logo

Event Flip Cards

Improve Visibility & Increase Attendance With the Event Flip Cards App

Team Member Flip Cards  logo

Team Member Flip Cards

Improve Trust & Credibility With the Team Member Flip Cards App

Slide-In Panel  logo

Slide-In Panel

Draw Attention, Increase Conversions & Drive Sales Up

Company Branch Flip Cards  logo

Company Branch Flip Cards

Enhance Customer Experience With the Company Branch Flip Cards Widget

TikTok Feed  logo

TikTok Feed

Create Stunning TikTok Feeds & Improve User Experience

Reviews Badge  logo

Reviews Badge

Boost Credibility, Improve SEO & Increase Conversions

Skill Flip Cards  logo

Skill Flip Cards

Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired With the Skill Flip Cards App

Restaurant Menu Flip Cards  logo

Restaurant Menu Flip Cards

Increase Conversions With Restaurant Menu Flip Cards

Image Hover Effects  logo

Image Hover Effects

Enhance Website Design, Increase Engagement & Add Interactivity

Petition Form  logo

Petition Form

Gather Signatures and Create a Change Effortlessly

Support Form  logo

Support Form

Streamline Your Customer Support With Ease

Job Application Form  logo

Job Application Form

Efficiently Collect and Manage Job Applications

Course Registration Form  logo

Course Registration Form

Streamline Your Course Registration Process

RSVP Form  logo


Easily Gather and Organize Event RSVPs and Registrations

Order Form  logo

Order Form

Create Custom Product Order Forms Easily

Feedback Form  logo

Feedback Form

Collect Valuable Feedback Effortlessly

WordPress Feed  logo

WordPress Feed

Create Stunning WordPress Feeds & Improve User Experience

Vimeo Feed  logo

Vimeo Feed

Create Impressive Vimeo Feeds & Improve User Experience

YouTube Feed  logo

YouTube Feed

Create Impressive YouTube Feeds & Improve User Experience

Twitter Feed  logo

Twitter Feed

Create Stunning Twitter Feeds & Improve User Experience

Facebook Feed  logo

Facebook Feed

Create Stunning Facebook Feeds & Improve User Experience

RSS Feed  logo

RSS Feed

Create Stunning RSS Feeds & Improve User Experience

Mastodon Feed  logo

Mastodon Feed

Create Stunning Mastodon Feeds & Improve User Experience

Blogger Feed  logo

Blogger Feed

Create Stunning Blogger Feeds & Improve User Experience

Pinterest Feed  logo

Pinterest Feed

Create Stunning Pinterest Feeds & Improve User Experience

Timeline  logo


Present Information in an Organized, Visually Appealing Manner

Tumblr Feed  logo

Tumblr Feed

Create Beautiful Tumblr Feeds & Improve User Experience

Device Mockup  logo

Device Mockup

Offer easy visualization & Increase conversions

Corner Button  logo

Corner Button

Improve Navigation & Enhance Design

Info List  logo

Info List

Improve User Experience & Increase Conversions With an Info List

Notification Popup  logo

Notification Popup

Deliver Important Messages to Users & Improve Their Experience

What's New Popup  logo

What's New Popup

Keep Users Up to Date & Improve Their Experience

Feedback Popup  logo

Feedback Popup

Discover Issues, Improve User Experience & Gather Leads

Event List  logo

Event List

Improve visibility & Increase attendance with the Events List Widget

Restaurant Menu List  logo

Restaurant Menu List

Increase conversions with a Restaurant Menu List

Team Member List  logo

Team Member List

Improve trust & credibility with the Team Member List widget

Company Branch List  logo

Company Branch List

Enhance Customer Experience With the Company Branch List App

Skill List  logo

Skill List

Increase your chances of getting hired with the Skills List app

Testimonials Slider  logo

Testimonials Slider

Add Testimonials To Improve Credibility & Conversions

Marketing Button  logo

Marketing Button

Increase Conversions & Drive Sales Up

Product Blobs  logo

Product Blobs

Bring Focus to Products & Increase Conversions With Product Blobs

Team Members Blobs  logo

Team Members Blobs

Bring Focus to Team Members in a Creative Way To Increase Trust

Back to Top Button  logo

Back to Top Button

Improve Navigation, Enhance User Experience & Increase Engagement

Announcements  logo


Keep Clients Informed & Boost Conversions With the Updates & Announcements Widget

Nudge Button  logo

Nudge Button

Draw Attention to CTAs & Increase Conversions

Opening Hours  logo

Opening Hours

Use Opening Hours To Boost User Experience With Helpful Details

Scroll to Element Button  logo

Scroll to Element Button

Improve Navigation, Enhance User Experience & Increase Engagement

Stories  logo


Create Stunning Stories To Engage & Convert Users

PDF Viewer   logo

PDF Viewer

Offer Valuable Information and Promote Your Products With a PDF Viewer Gallery

WhatsApp Chat  logo

WhatsApp Chat

Use WhatsApp Chat To Communicate, Support & Improve User Experience

Image Magnifier  logo

Image Magnifier

Enlarge Images For Better User Experience & Improved Accessibility

Messenger Chat  logo

Messenger Chat

Use Messenger Chat To Communicate, Support & Improve User Experience

Telegram Chat  logo

Telegram Chat

Use Telegram Chat To Communicate, Support & Improve User Experience.

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Why Should I Use Common Ninja's Widgets?

Reliable Support

We value our customers and offer top-notch support and quick reply times. You won’t be left hanging with a problem on your hands, we promise.

An Intuitive Editor

Our widgets come with a simple-to-use, intuitive editor that enables you to drag and drop elements within the widgets and edit them with absolute ease.

User Analytics Included

We add user analytics to each app so you can get valuable insights including the number of installations, impressions, views, engagement metrics and more!

Fully Customizable

Our widgets are fully customizable and offer a wide variety of design options for you to choose from. Fonts, colors, shapes, sizes and more — change any design element to fit your needs.

GDPR Compliant

We value your privacy and rights over personal data. To that end, all our widgets are GDPR and CCPA compliant to protect your privacy. You can learn more about our

Highly Secure

Our servers, code and API are constantly audited to make sure that our widgets are secure. We also reinforce this by creating widgets of high quality and by trusted developers.

Perfectly Responsive

Our widgets are fully responsive and will work on any device. In a mobile-first world, this feature gives you a strong advantage over competitors.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly work to improve our widgets and add new features and capabilities to them so that you can have everything you need at your fingertips.

No Coding Skills Required

Our widgets require absolutely no coding knowledge. Edit the app to your liking, copy its HTML code, and paste it where needed. That’s it.